Upcoming gig: May 7th 6-9pm with trio, The Louie Bluies (me, Marshall Hawkins, and Don Reed) at Cafe Aroma in Idyllwild, California. These Monday nights are half price for a bottle of wine.

Idyllworld Records is an independent record label featuring my music with the help of many friends and family. Choose a "player" below to hear a 3-song set from an album. Online store here.

  • Dust Bowl Slider4:25
  • The City6:19
  • We Can Make It3:37

  • Bird Songs #22:07
  • Acoma Patterns4:10
  • A Bird In A Mine3:35

  • Fine Line5:18
  • Engineer Bill4:23
  • The Rain Is Gonna Fall5:38

  • Robin's Birthday3:14
  • Inge Railway4:37
  • Aromaraga7:45

  • The Messenger1:39
  • Connecticut Yankee In Californ2:11
  • Road To Glastonbury4:09

  • Silent Stream5:04
  • Returning3:35
  • Tahquitz View5:25

  • Califlower2:44
  • Audrey3:36
  • In Love2:59

  • Smiling Again2:54
  • Then You Say Goodbye3:46
  • Travelin'2:57