• Fine Line5:18
  • Engineer Bill4:23
  • The Rain Is Gonna Fall5:38

  • Robin's Birthday3:14
  • Inge Railway4:37
  • Aromaraga7:45

  • Silent Stream5:04
  • Returning3:35
  • Tahquitz View5:25

  • Califlower2:44
  • Audrey3:36
  • In Love2:59

  • Smiling Again2:54
  • Then You Say Goodbye3:46
  • Travelin'2:57


Upcoming gigs: July 9th and 30th 6-9pm with trio, The Louie Bluies (me, Marshall Hawkins, and Don Reed) at Cafe Aroma in Idyllwild, California.

Idyllworld Records is an independent record label featuring my music with the help of many friends and family. Choose a "player" below to hear a 3-song set from an album. Online store here.

  • Bird Songs #22:07
  • Acoma Patterns4:10
  • A Bird In A Mine3:35

  • The Messenger1:39
  • Connecticut Yankee In Californ2:11
  • Road To Glastonbury4:09

  • Dust Bowl Slider4:25
  • The City6:19
  • We Can Make It3:37